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Aside from my mother’s rapid spending, my sudden fascination with health, skin care, and make up is eating up my credit. I went to the mall today and ended up splurging on the Murad Oil-Control Mattifier after having tried it as a sample a month ago. The price tag is depressing, but the product is truly impressive. It really stops oil production. Normally my face is ridiculously shiny after two hours and I’m constantly blotting. During my testing phase with Murad, I actually had it on for 7+ hours before even a dull shine was noticeable. Keep in mind, this was on one of those extremely hot summer days.

Still working on getting rid of my acne scars so I can ditch make-up permanently. I’m just tired of having to put it on, and wearing it in summer. I actually went sans make up most of this summer because I cannot stand the oily feel of it. Resulted in some pretty awkward run ins with old classmates, but the SPF, Neutrogena Grapefruit Scrub, the Aztec Healing Clay, Nadinola, and Lemon juice have been working their job.  I still have a bit to go before my face is clear, but at least progress is noticeable now.

Despite the improvement in skin tone, makeup is still necessary, so I decided to try bareminerals. Whoo. Loving it so far. I didn’t watch the DVD beforehand, but even so, it came out pretty well. I know I can’t hide all my scars, but making them dramatically duller is fine by me. It blends in pretty well (so far) and is pretty lightweight. I’ll try it on tomorrow with Murad underneath.

  1. mel-chan91 said: Take a before and after shot for me! 8D I wanna see~~~ Either way you’ll still look sexy. ;D Work those scars, baby! 8DD
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